Raja Mahendra Chand and Rani Gita Chand of Uttarakhand.


Raja Mahendra Chand and Rani Gita Chand stay in (Lamakhet, Bisa Bajerh) Pithoragarh and are involved in a number of charitable activities, which looks in the upliftment of the weaker sections of the society, distribution of free uniforms to underprivileged school children, supporting girl child education, spreading awareness about ills of early marriage for girls, supporting voices against female infanticide, hospitalization and medication for the needy. etc.

Raja Mahendra Chand is from the largest Chand clan in Uttarakhand and Nepal, which is spread in Pithoragarh. Uttarakhand (India) and in Sudur Paschim (Nepal).

Lineage -  Chandravanshi. 

Gotra - Gautam.

Raath - Chand, Rodiyal Raath (Banyal).

Maaiti Raath - Chand, (Soradi) Baag Raath.

Maama Raath - Chand, (Soradi) Path Raath.

Aama Maiti Raath (Fathers Side) - Chand, (Soradi) Megjyu Raath.

Isht Dev - Shakatya.

Native - Banna, Baitadi, Sudur Paschim (Nepal)

The immediate family tree of Raja Mahendra Chand is as follows,

Raja Mahendra Chand and Rani Gita Chand

  • Rajkumari Aakanksha Chand
  • Rajkumari Mallika Chand
  • Rajkumar Aryan Chand

Rajkumar Raghuvir Chand and Thourani Nima Chand

  • Rudraksh Chand
  • Aatman Chand

Rajkumar Ranjeet Chand and Thourani Sunita Chand

  • Vidya Chand
  • Sadhna Chand
  • Aastha Chand

Rajkumari Kamla Chand and Narendra Chand

Rajkumar Devendra Chand and Thourani Debuli Chand

  • Kailash Chand
  • Rakesh Chand
  • Mukesh Chand

Rajkumar Narendra Chand and Thourani Guddi Chand

  • Ashish Chand
  • Amit Chand

Rajkumar Virendra Chand and Thourani Bimla Chand

  • Diksha Chand
  • Manish Chand

Rajkumar Jitendra Chand and Thourani Manju Chand

  • Paras Chand
  • Kaushal Chand

Rajkumar Prem Chand and Thourani Rama Chand

  • Rashmi Chand
  • Pooja Chand
  • Suman Chand
  • Priyanka Chand
  • Bhavna Chand
  • Nikhil Chand

Rajkumar Jagdish Chand and Thourani Janki Chand

  • Priya Chand
  • Prathibha Chand
  • Saurabh Chand

Rajkumar Chandra Bahadur Chand and Thourani Shanti Chand

  • Nisha Chand

Rajkumari Bimla Chand and Harish Chand

  • Rakesh Chand
  • Roshan Chand

Rajkumar Pushkar Chand and Thourani Pushpa Chand

  • Sonu Chand
  • Lalit Chand

Rajkumar Satish Chand and Thourani Surma Chand

  • Navin Chand
  • Sagar Chand

Rajkumari Gita Chand and Mohan Chand                      

  • Pooja Chand                                                             
  • Rakhi Chand                                                             
  • Suraj Chand                                                              

Rajkumari Mala Chand and Girish                            

  • Rahul                                                                        
  • Pooja                                                                        

Rajkumari Anji Chand and Ramesh Chand            

  • Shubham Chand                                                         
  • Sonia Chand                                                               

Rajkumar Kamlesh Chand and Thourani Archana Chand       

  • Tanmay Chand                                                            
  • Tanishq Chand                                                            

Rajkumari Sakku Chand and Harish Chand                         

  • Aastha Chand                                                             
  • Aman Chand                                                               

Rajkumar Sanjay Chand and Thourani Deepa Chand           

  • Gaurav Chand                                                              
  • Akhil Chand                                                                

Rajkumari Niru Chand and Sunil Chand                              

  • Shubham Chand                                                          
  • Yash Chand                                                                 

Rajkumari Chandra Chand and                               

  • A                                                                                
  • A                                                                                

Rajkumar Kiran Chand and Thourani Rekha Chand    

  • Diya Chand                                                                  
  • Aadi Chand

Rajkumari Pushpa Chand and Bikram Chand

  • Ashish Chand
  • Himanshu Chand
  • Neha Chand

Rajkumari Rekha Chand and Tej Bahadur Chand

  • Nitika Chand
  • Hrithik Chand

Rajkumar Mohan Chand and Thourani Manju Chand

  • Sahil Chand
  • Yogesh Chand

Rajkumari Sonu Chand and Diwan Chand

  • Diya Chand
  • Ritin Chand

Rajkumari Neeru Chand and Jeevan Chand

  • Tanuja Chand
  • Siya Chand

Rajkumari Anita Chand and Bharat Chand

  • Kanchan Chand 
  • Paras Chand

Rajkumari Manju Chand and Jeevan Chand

  • Mohit Chand
  • Rahul Chand

Rajkumar Sunil Chand and Thourani Parvati Chand

  • Sakshi Chand
  • Shrishti Chand

Rajkumari Sunita Chand and Girish Chand

  • Aayush Chand

Raja Bharat Chand and Rani Bhagirathi Chand            

  • Rajkumari Kamla Chand                                               
  • Rajkumar Mahendra Chand                                           
  • Rajkumar Raghuvir Chand                                            
  • Rajkumar Ranjeet Chand                                              

Raja Jagat Chand and Rani Godavari Chand               

  • Rajkumar Devendra Chand
  • Rajkumari Maya Chand                                                   
  • Rajkumar Narendra Chand                                            
  • Rajkumar Virendra Chand                                             
  • Rajkumar Jitendra Chand                                                                                                                               

Raja Devani Chand and Rani Parvati Chand + Rani Sita Chand

  • Rajkumar Mohan Chand
  • Rajkumar Prem Chand
  • Rajkumar Jagdish Chand

Raja Trilok Chand and Rani Debu Chand

  • Rajkumar Chandra Bahadur Chand
  • Rajkumari Bimla Chand

Raja Bachi Chand and Rani Haru Chand

  • Rajkumar Pushkar Chand
  • Rajkumar Satish Chand
  • Rajkumar Bhopal Chand
  • Rajkumari Gita Chand

Raja Ramu Chand and Rani Gayatri Chand

  • Rajkumari Mala Chand
  • Rajkumari Anji Chand
  • Rajkumar Kamlesh Chand
  • Rajkumari Sakku Chand

Raja Arjun Chand and Rani Shanti Chand

  • Rajkumar Sanjay Chand
  • Rajkumari Niru Chand
  • Rajkumari Chandra Chand
  • Rajkumar Kiran Chand

Raja Gajendra Chand and Rani Ramkali Chand

  • Rajkumari Pushpa Chand
  • Rajkumar Mohan Chand
  • Rajkumari Rekha Chand
  • Rajkumari Sonu Chand

Raja Ganesh Chand and Rani Kalavati Chand

  • Rajkumari Neeru Chand
  • Rajkumari Anita Chand
  • Rajkumari Manju Chand
  • Rajkumar Sunil Chand
  • Rajkumari Sunita Chand

Raja Khim Chand and Rani Radha Chand    

  • Rajkumari Shobha Chand                                                
  • Rajkumari Rukhi Chand                                                          
  • Rajkumar Jagat Chand                            
  • Rajkumar Bharat Chand

Raja Dhani Chand and Rani Motima Chand

  • Rajkumar Devani Chand
  • Rajkumar Trilok Chand
  • Rajkumar Bachi Chand

Raja Madi Chand and Rani Thuma Chand

  • Rajkumar Ramu Chand
  • Rajkumar Arjun Chand

Raja Jeet Chand and Rani Keera Chand and Parvati Chand

  • Rajkumar Gajendra Chand
  • Rajkumar Ganesh Chand

Raja Kisan Chand and Rani Putli Chand

  • Rajkumar Dhani Chand
  • Rajkumar Khim Chand
  • Rajkumar Madi Chand